Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cheater's Chicken Soup

My parents and sisters came to visit on Sunday - a lovely last minute playdate. Kevin was on call for most of the day, leaving me at home with the kids, so my mom decided to bring lunch. She brought a ridiculous amount of food, and left us with a big rotisserie chicken, and several ears of corn, and salad. I considered just serving the food as-is, but then thought better of it, and opted to finish up my crisper of wilting veggies (I had carrots, onions, and celery from last week), on a chicken noodle soup.I basically destroyed the rotisserie chicken, and threw it all in the pot, and then added anything I could find, that sounded good in a soup. It was very basic, but this family loves basic. We also polished off the salad, and 5 ears of corn. Maya ate 2 entire ears! She's 2, so this is a tremendous accomplishment.

Gotta love giant egg noodles.

Within 20 minutes, this bowl was FULL of empty ears of corn.

The Critique
You know I love soup and this is no exception. I love chicken soup and this one is particularly scrumptious. There is little sodium but a lot of flavor. After eating this I don't feel hyperosmolar and that's important to me. Love the noodles and the vegetables and chicken. I really like when the chicken is taken from a pre-cooked chicken because the seasoning seems to be perfect. Love it. 4 bowls

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