Friday, July 16, 2010

Chocolate Surprises

It was leftover night in our house, last night, since I did so much cooking this week. I knew I was having lunch guests today, though, so I decided to make some cookies. I found these cookies on the Martha Stewart website a couple of months ago, and made them for my sister, Debbie, for a presentation she was doing at work. Her co-workers loved them, so I decided to try again. Last time, I baked in my mom's kitchen, which proved to be challenging (a.k.a disastrously messy), since I didn't know where anything was. This time, it was a much more orderly affair. I like these, because they are soft chocolate cookies with icing, and a hidden marshmallow. Deliciously sweet and gooey. You can even use a Rolo or a peanut butter cup instead of marshmallow, although I think the mallows taste best. Anyway, they came out tasty, but I'm not sure what we'll do with them. Kevin is not fond of marshmallows, and Maya likes these cookies a little too much, so I think we might have to find another home for them. Any ideas?

The Kitchen Aid Mixer makes everything easier.

Marshmallows for hiding.

Toast the marshmallows for a couple of minutes after placement.

Chocolate frosting as a finishing touch.

Ooey, gooey cookies.

The Critique
Ok, I don't like marshmallow, so I didn't like these cookies. I guess that they're good, from what other people say, but I didn't really like them. There's something about marshmallow that makes my tongue cry. However, I do recognize that they are probably good to all others, I will give it 1 bowl of soup.

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