Friday, July 23, 2010

Tofu Steaks with Roasted Pepper Walnut Sauce

I haven't done too much experimentation with tofu, but I decided to make these tofu steaks because they looked delicious in Cooking Light (but doesn't everything look good in Cooking Light?). Let me start by saying that this recipe was a pain in the neck to make. It had a lot of steps and ingredients, and it took a lot of time and planning (letting tofu "sit," marinating time, roasting peppers, toasting walnuts, etc.). My mom was coming to visit right around dinner prep time, so I thought it would be easier to find the time. I decided to roast my own peppers, instead of buying the bottled kind, since I just bought peppers in bulk. Since the roasted pepper walnut sauce ended up being the highlight of the dish, I'm happy I used fresh. Anyway, after all the marinating, dredging, and pan frying, we sat down to a very chaotic dinner. We had 2 fussy babies, and the food didn't go over very well. Basically, the tofu was relatively bland, and I found the pieces to be way too thick for my liking. Next time, I would slice thinner, or at least slice differently. The roasted pepper sauce was excellent, and if we had liberally poured it over the tofu, I think it would have tasted much more flavorful. I served this with Spanish Brown Rice, which was very good, and added a nice spiciness to the dish. I like tofu, and would happily try this recipe again - just a bit differently. I'm not sure my family would be willing to give it another chance, though...

The marinade for this tofu was just beautiful. I was able to use my leftover basil!

My first batch of toasted walnuts burned, so I made a second PERFECT batch!

Roasted orange and red peppers. Mmmmmm.

Roasted Pepper and Walnut sauce. Looks a little murky in the photo, but it was very beautiful in color and texture.

Pre-pan fried tofu (after dredging in flour, egg, and panko).
These got a tad charred, but I wanted them overcooked, to ensure that the tofu was very firm.

Tofu, rice, and steamed broccoli.

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