Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maple Balsamic Tofu (and my New Toy!)

My new toy! A meat thermometer!

Kevin was on call tonight, leaving me to fend for myself, and the kids, at dinner time. Usually, if we are one our own, I have high hopes that I will cook something Kevin wouldn't like, because he won't be there to deal with it. In the end, however, I usually rely on leftovers and/or convenience foods that are quick and easy to cook, and, more importantly, easy to clean up. That being said, it occurred to me tonight, that I do not cook just for Kevin - I cook for me. I cook for Maya. I cook for the family, and there is no reason why I shouldn't cook when Kevin isn't home. So, I decided to bite the bullet and actually do what I've always said I would do - I made something that I didn't think Kevin would care for. This maple balsamic tofu was a ridiculously easy dish, that came out look very pretty (in my opinion), and tasted quite good. It was a tad too sweet, so I am sure I should have added more salt and pepper, but besides that, it was very good. I think this would be perfect served chilled, over a lunch salad. It had a nice light flavor, and the texture of the tofu was firm and meaty. I sliced it thin this time, and I broiled it, as opposed to grilling, as the recipe suggested. I was impressed, and will definitely make this again - I think Kevin might even like it. I might add some hot sauce, and up the salt next time, though. Served over brown rice and steamed broccoli, this was a nice "solo-night dish."



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