Monday, July 26, 2010

Peanut Butter - Chocolate Chip - Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies, from Sunset Magazine (November 2003) really have a lot of goodies in them. Peanuts, peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips, cocoa... What more could you ask for? My family was coming for lunch yesterday, so I decided to be the dessert maker, since my mom was bringing lunch for everyone. I whipped up these babies pretty quickly, while my daughter sat in her high chair and giggled at me for making such a disastrous mess. One thing I'll say about these cookies, is that they had a very sensitive cooking time, which seems to be the reason that all my cookies tend to fail. I ended up cooking these a tad too long, resulting in sadly crunchy cookies. They weren't burnt, but looked overdone, which was not helped by the fact that there was cocoa in them, so they were dark to begin with. Anyway, I'm sure this will be a redundant tip to most people, but an excellent solution to the problem of crunchy cookies (that are supposed to be soft), is to put them in a closed container, with a piece of bread. Within a fairy short amount of time (an hour is fine, but more time is better), the cookies soften tremendously. It is truly amazing. You can do this with stale cookies, or fresh cookies. The only problem with this strategy, is that it can cause the cookies to become so soft, they break at the lightest touch. Anyway, the cookies seemed to be a hit, though I'm sure no one would tell me if they didn't like them! I liked them, too, though I think I'd rather have a cupcake...

The Critique
I've not been the biggest fan of Marji's desserts, but this one truly blew me away. These cookies tasted great! They were really like professional cookies. They were just the right consistency and the chocolate chips were soft and gooey in the middle. I loved the flavor of the cookie itself and the only problem I have now is limiting my intake. I would like to try them without peanuts, since I'm not the biggest fan of nuts in my cookies, but it worked well.

4 bowls

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