Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chocolate "Don't Judge a Bundt by its Cover" Bundt Cake

This cake was - in a word- terrible. I got the recipe for "Died and Went to Heaven Chocolate Cake," from Eating Well, and the reviews were solid. of course, the cake was not a full fat recipe, and I probably shouldn't expect a winner, when it's not made with full fat ingredients, but still... I am a firm believer, that with the right blend of ingredients, healthy can be made delicious. Anyway, I made this particular cake, because it included buttermilk, which I had in the house, as opposed to sour cream. It was an easy recipe, and the one winning component of it, was the glaze, which I would definitely use again, on another Bundt. The cake, however, was dry and chewy. It looked fluffy and pretty, but the inside wasn't a very light, moist, and cakey texture, like you expect and want out of a cake. I was bummed, because it looked really beautiful, and the glaze was quite tasty, kind of like the outside of a donut. So... I won't be making this again. It wasn't nearly as good as a box of Betty Crocker cake mix. Boo hoo. Hate when that happens.

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