Sunday, August 22, 2010

Classic Wanut Boule

I love baking bread, but it's an arduous process. There is so much time involved, and it can be intimidating. That being said, when you are awake at 5:30 every day, baking a loaf of bread before 9:00, is a pretty realistic goal. I decided to make this Walnut Boule ("Boule" is French, for "Ball"), because I had all of the ingredients at home, and it looked like a beautiful loaf. I did substitute the walnut oil, for olive oil, because I had no interest in introducing a new ingredient into my house, that I'd never use again. Anyway, this loaf was not quite as gorgeous as the photos. It didn't rise as high, or look nearly as perfect (see link, for a picture of the Cooking Light version), but it was still pretty. It also lost its crustiness after about 10 minutes of cooling. Hmph. So, I didn't have very high hopes for the taste. We ate it with dinner last night, though, and it was very tasty. Despite the fact that it wasn't super crusty, it had a really nice texture, and the walnuts give it a very good, nutty flavor (though next time, if I try it again, I think it might really be fantastic with the walnut oil). It's a half-whole wheat bread, so it looks a bit dark, but has the taste of a really hearty dinner accompaniment. I loved this one. I've made a lot of breads, and this one is a winner.

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