Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turkey Tamale Potpie, Meets Chili Cornbread Casserole

In a desperate attempt to use up the ground turkey breast that's been lingering in my fridge, I found this perfect casserole recipe in an old Cooking Light. There is something warm and fuzzy about a casserole, but we rarely make them, because they almost always involve cheese or cream. This Tamale Pie recipe is like a turkey chili, with a cornbread topping. The problem was, the reviews of the pie were... sub par. People mentioned that the topping was bland, and that the inside needed a good deal of tweaking. On the same day, I found this recipe for Chili Cornbread Casserole, in Eating Well. So, I decided to get creative, and marry the 2 recipes. I ended up tweaking the Cooking Light recipe, for the inside, and using the Eating Well recipe, for the cornbread topping. Well, the end result was very pretty, and, in my opinion, quite tasty. Kevin isn't a big fan of cornbread, or casserole toppings (he doesn't like potpie) in general, so he sort of scraped off top. Bummer. I was hoping to convert him into a tamale pie lover. Oh well. Anyway, the only issue I had with this recipe, was that I used a very coarse ground cornmeal, which made the topping gritty. Next time, I will definitely use a finer grind. I really liked the flavor and texture of this recipe. I am posting it below, since I adapted it so much. It's definitely an easy, basic, tasty casserole, for a weeknight meal at home.

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